Perfection Torzite Kurodai (Bream)6'10", Spin, 2-6lb ( CW: 1/40-1/4oz)

“Kurodai’ means bream in Japanese. This rod is the one lightest, sensitive, and most powerful bream rod you can find. Premium Toray carbon blank and latest Fuji Torzite guides. This rod can ask ultra-light lure with ease.  

  • Premium Toray Carbon        
  • Fuji real seats
  • Premium Fuji Titanium Torzite guide
  • Fast progressive Taper
  • Dual use hook keeper

•              Max. Load 90 Degree: 1.2kg

Perfection Torz Kurodai

  • 1. Each Individual rod has done loading test ( with Rec. drag setting) before shipping out from JML warehouse.
    2. Do not apply drag higher than recommended drag setting, it might break the rod with special angle when fish runs. 
    3. Do not high sticking the rod, the sharp angle(more than 90 degree)will break the tip section due to high modulus graphite characteristic.
    4. Transport the rods with best care while fishing.